The Two Latest From Cavitt Productions:

New Projects by Cavitt Productions

1. Life, Love & Lore, by Mary Fahey Leighton, edited by Cavitt Productions.

A love story, a legacy, an incredible adventure in exotic lands…that the is the story Mary wrote and we were honored to edit. Mary said that her husband, John, and she “keep finding one thing after another that is so excellent. It is such a wonderful product and no, I could not have done it as well by myself. We are both thrilled with it.”

2. To Walk With the People, by Christina Cavitt and Geni Cavitt.

Between 1987 and 2012, twelve Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet sojourned to South America to work in Chile’s poorest neighborhoods. They left behind no brick and mortar structures; nothing even as weighty as a feather. Yet this story may shake up everything you’ve always believed about charities and missions. this book is about an intangible, priceless gift shared between the sisters who served there and the beautiful people of Chile.

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