Consolidations & Giants

Consolidations & Giants

Before health care administration and insurance became complicated enough to flummox even the greatest minds of all time, hospitals were taking root in the Twin Cities. Some argue that the real revolution in tending the sick began just after World War II. Others say it started when the first native snapped his leg in the collapse of a makeshift river dock in St. Paul and was carted (literally) to a nearby home-cum-hospital. Everybody has a version of the foundation. Cavitt Productions isn’t taking any sides — we simply partnered with a retired hospital administrator to document the Minneapolis-St. Paul hospital history spanning his career from 1946 to 1996.  It’s a great story, including broken bones, brothels and big business. We are proud to present: Consolidations & Giants: Minneapolis-St Paul Hospitals, 1946 to 1996. By Christina M Cavitt and Geni Cavitt, with Roger Starn, Paul Hillmer, Tim Hanson, Mary Madonna Ashton (CSJ), Earl Dresser, Penny Wheeler et al.

Cover design by Francha Cavitt

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