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Cavitt Productions - Tina Cavitt and Geni Cavitt

Cavitt sisters Geni and Christina come from a long line of story-tellers. When their grandmother and great aunts came to visit, they wove exciting “olden day” tales for all of the Cavitt children, especially impressing the sisters. At dinnertime, their advertising executive dad regaled the family with the Mad Men-esque escapades of his trade in the Minneapolis-St. Paul business arena. Their mom kept them on pins and needles with bedtime fables.

As they grew up, they learned to tell stories, too. Eventually, Geni moved west to work in San Diego radio and television. Christina stayed in the Midwest to write business communications and biographies.

Christina M. Cavitt

Christina CavittFrom the time she was old enough to speak, Christina liked to listen, especially to good tales. She has a deep passion for stories and compassion for the people therein. Her very favorite activity is helping people and companies organize their memories and present them in engaging ways.

Christina is a multi-faceted writer/editor/photographer, projects/events manager and video producer with an established record of success in creative and effective communications. Her specialties include:

  • Business Writing
  • Employee Communications
  • Magazine, Newsletter and E-Newsletter Articles
  • Project Management
  • Biographies


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Geni Cavitt

Geni CavittMedia professional with more than 20 years of experience in communications and broadcast journalism, with high credibility and recognition throughout San Diego County.

Specialties include communication, persuasion, public speaking, establishing rapport with audiences, event emceeing, fundraising, story-telling, audio and video narration, writing, HD video shooting and editing.

  • Host Community Events
  • Producer/Writer/Editor
  • Videos for Social Media and Media Outlets
  • Write for Social Media
  • Media Pitches, Press Releases, and Corporate Fact Sheets

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Team Members

Francha Cavitt

Francha Cavitt

  • Photo Restoration
  • Photo Editing
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Book Cover Design

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Tom Jones

Cavitt Productions Team

Proofreader, earned his BS in English at the University of Minnesota and is a substitute teacher. He is a vital member of the Cavitt Productions team.